Cathay Pacific CEO resigns amid Hong Kong protests


Cathay Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg has resigned after a confused week for Hong Kong’s leading airline.

The company has been caught in a political firestorm because of the city’s pro-democracy demonstrations, and warned earlier this week that it could sack employees who take part in illegal protests. Hundreds of its flights were canceled when protesters overran the airport.
Paul Loo, the airline’s chief commercial officer, also resigned, the company said in a stock exchange filing.
Cathay’s (CPCAY) stock has fallen steeply nearly 24% since April.


Bobbi Maughan

In an ever changing business landscape, a number of policies are made and re-made, in order to keep the markets moving with the times. These changes are documented by Bobbi, who is an excellent writer, and an even better storyteller! Her pieces, unlike other business news items, are not dry, or lacking in empathy! Bobbi is the classic center capitalist with a soft leaning for socialist welfare! She writes for the Business section of Business Release 9.

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